London River Rat Race Review

London River Rat Race Review - Fitness Fan Blog

London River Rat Race Review

Two of our event trial go getters experienced the sheer wet delight a few weeks back as they faced the muddy, slippery and fear frightening event of the ‘River Rat Race’ in London. Our two participants are of a brilliant fitness standard and couldn’t wait to conquer this slimy yet exhilarating obstacle course.

Upon arrival our participants eagerly awaited the start line after signing in at registration. Bearing in mind Paulina and Piotr had completed no prior assault course training or attempted any such obstacle events similar to the one they were about to encounter, thus their increasingly intense nerves started to kick in! Having no expectations of what they were letting themselves in for this left them feeling rather quite ecstatic for the task ahead.

Arriving on site quite early, Paulina and Piotr managed to take time to look at what the organisers had prepared for all the participants. The souvenir stall took their sights immediately with a huge selection ranging from specialised clothing to River Rat Race memorabilia. Not only that, there was also a massage place for the most tired of participants, which for any of us out there having completed an obstacle course such as this one, full well know that this is an excellent saviour in times of need!

As their wave commenced, around 10 minutes prior to the count down, the warm-up team took the wave in a brilliantly exhilarated, heart rate increase, exercise routine; that got everyone up on their toes ready for the exciting race to begin! It was safe to say at this point their emotions reached zenith!


The first obstacle on route required Paulina and Piotr to swim twice under freezing water which they found very energising and a brilliant way to kick start the course! And not only did that awake our participants but it meant that were completely soaked from head to toe with only a few kilometres under their belt. Luckily the weather was kind on this sunny August Saturday which allowed Paulina and Piotr to stay rather warm and enjoy the race as a whole.

What stood out for our contestants was the vast diversity of the participants partaking within this sheer heart wrenching obstacle course. From every age range to every level of fitness, Paulina and Piotr looked upon these brave souls with a great awe and loved the fact that even though many of the obstacles were infinitely difficult for the less able these individuals still powered through until the very end to be rewarded with an immensely impressive feeling of satisfaction and not forgetting the idyllic River Rat Race medal!

London River Rat Race Review - Fitness Fan Blog

I asked Pauline a few questions on her experience and what obstacles she endeavoured on and her overall ratings for the day…

What was the most difficult obstacle you faced during the race?

‘The Tire Fun’ obstacle was the most difficult for me. However amazingly fun it still required a great deal of balance and concentration to be able to make it across the water on these huge tires that were placed on the river with the idea of jumping across not only these unstable objects but additional water trampolines were chucked in for added fun to!

What was the most enjoyable obstacle of the event?

The greatest pleasure and fun were from these two obstacles that required us to jump into the water from a height of around 5 metres (OMG!) and the one that involved us sliding into the water from a similar height. These two obstacles were a great laugh and had us indulgencing in a ‘back to our childhood’ type of behaviour. 

How long did it take you to complete the race?

It took us around 1 hour and 30 minutes to complete the 10km race.

Did you train for the event and would you recommend people did?

For people who are not physically active I would recommend advance preparation for such events, however like previously stated there were all fitness levels taking part and all achieved fantastic results. For us, despite the lack of training it caused no great difficulties but overall it gave a lot of fun!

What would you rate the day out of 10?

In terms of difficulty, for us, we would estimate our struggle as a 4 out of 10. However, in terms of fun we would rate it a 7 out of 10 and also a 7 out of 10 in terms of organisation. Therefore, that gives an average of 6 out of 10 for us, although the difficulty rating would definitely range for many participants.

Is there anything else you would like to say about your experience of the day?

We thoroughly enjoyed the day and hope to take part again in subsequent years! … Oh and I loved that we were greeted with chocolate bars, drinks and of course the River Rat Race medal upon finishing!

If you would like to find out more about following Rat Race events the head on over to their website

On behalf of Fitness-Fan I would like to say a huge thank you to both Paulina and Piotr for competing and reviewing this event along with the Media Team at River Rat Race for giving our participants a great day out!

London River Rat Race Review - Fitness Fan Blog

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Written by Hayley Madigan

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