Lorna Jane at House of Fraser Female Gym Gear

Loran Jane Womens Gym Gear

I recently was lucky enough to try out the popular and dashing Lorna Jane Sportswear.

Lorna Jane is specific to House of Fraser in the UK and was first established in Australia. Lorna Jane Clarkson started off her brand ‘Lorna Jane’ 25 years ago when she single-handedly revolutionised women’s fitness clothing and began building the Active Living category. The uniqueness of Lorna’s clothing widely spread across Australia showing women of all ages that sports clothing need not be dull and uninspiring but should be inventive, creative and feminine.


Lorna Jane Gym Gear


Lorna Jane’s mission is to empower every woman to lead her best life through Active Living. This movement started in 1989 and Lorna as founder has transformed her fashion sensibility into a world-leading Active wear brand. With her inspiring and functional designs, Lorna Jane has given a whole new meaning to staying fit and healthy – it’s a lifestyle that transcends the walls of the gym.

Wednesday evening was my leg day session at the gym, meaning I was squatting heavy (~65kg for 10 reps), leg pressing very heavy (~220kg for 6 reps) and building the glutes up with many isolated kick-backs, abductions, adductions, donkey kicks, bosu pistol squats, Bulgarian squats and TRX lunges! I started to get ready to go to the gym and was changing into my gym kit; this consisted of the Lorna Jane Slim Fit Rib Tank as my workout top. As soon as I put the top on I realised the fit was absolutely perfect! I like slim fit tops and this XS size was a brilliant fitting, it especially fit incredibly well over my sports bra, and for once didn’t allow my sports bra to show through! I always wear small tank tops but my straps and top of my sports bra constantly show making my outfit look a little out of sync. The length of the top really suited my frame and was fairly long which enabled me to move freely around in many different exercise positions during my workout and not have my top rising up showing my lower back off to the rest of the gym (of which I hate!)! The shape really suited me and because of the racer-back profile it made my back look wider, my shoulders look leaner hence making my waist look smaller; furthermore giving me enhanced range of motion and increased ventilation. The material was so soft that it didn’t feel uncomfortable even though it was a slim fit style top and definitely felt a hell of a lot comfier than the banishing lycra I normally wear! It is made from a blend of cotton, polyester and elastane which facilitated my movements by unrestricting them. Not only was the colour stunningly delightful but it also matched my trainers – amazing! The turquoise blue gained a lot of attention and I had many compliments throughout my evening from female as well as male friends. It was a great, vibrant colour to wear when working out as instead of the norm and mundane black vest, this top expressed passion and gave me a willing to want to achieve the best I can from my gym session – as well as hiding my sweat marks very well!


Womens Gym Gear - Lorna Jane


‘Change begins at the end of your comfort zone’ – A brilliant and motivational phrase which is printed on the front of the tank top. Not only is it great for others to read but it’s even more of an incentive for yourself; and by wearing the top you almost make a declaration to start making this change by persuading yourself to exercise out of your own comfort zone! Thus subconsciously working out more intensely, whether it may be: increasing the weight on the dumbbells or sprinting faster on the treadmill, anything to bring you out of your contently reassured self and force you into that powerful and determined state of mind.


All in all from wearing this gorgeously joyful coloured tank top as part of my everyday gym outfit not only gave a boost in confidence on the gym floor but also increased my motivation for the gym in the first place! Having something new to wear as well as looking and feeling great in it gets immediate thumbs up from me and by following Lorna Jane’s mantra of ‘Women living their best, most beautiful lives through Active Living’ you can be assured I will be splashing out on this brand in the future.

If you love the sound of Lorna Jane and the Active Living collection then visit House of Fraser at:,default,sc.html