Make Fitness a Lifestyle not just a Hobby!

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I’ve struggled with my weight over the last 8 months (ranging from a low 48kg to high 60kg and now back down to a good steady 55kg) … and because of this I have learnt how hard losing weight or burning fat can be and how easy it is to put on. However, from recently experiencing first hand weight loss, increase in muscle mass and overall improved fitness over a range of different people as well as myself, I know that any goal can be achieved what ever your weight and what ever your ability. Everything I and others have achieved is all due to a complete change in our mental outlook on fitness, fitness as a lifestyle, fitness as confidence and fitness that will create a new you and a new you of which you can be proud of!

Fit | Fitness Fan | Fitness Fashion LifestyleYou can do it! … A motto in which you may believe for a few seconds whilst you read it, but then 5 minutes later you go into the kitchen and there lye some cookies and biscuits starring at you … Just think, what is the point in eating the fat and sugar that comes with junk food? All for a few minutes of enjoyment but for hours, days or weeks of trying to lose the fat you just gained … Don’t do it! Don’t let food become you, you live the life you chose and a fitter life is a more enjoyable and healthier one … I’m not saying you can never eat junk food ever again, but treat it as a treat and not an every day occurrence, healthy eating and healthy living is a lifestyle that creates who you are and you are the only one in control of that … no one can tell you that you can’t achieve what you want out of life! What’s more, if you’ve ever experienced pain in your life like most of us have – where it be enduring a heart break or losing a loved one – find a way of controlling and directing this energy you feel, this anger and this sadness you may be suffering and delve it into a new a way of living, a better way of living and therefore a better you!

You can do it!

If you believe in yourself, soon others will and others will see the change that is not controlling you but the change that is creating a new you! Start today … Not tomorrow!

Fitness is a lifestyle … Don’t let it control you, let you take control of it!

This post was written by Hayley (@HayleyMadigan)