Meal Replacement Shakes

Meal Replacement Shakes - The Muscle Coaches

Meal replacement shakes probably make you might think of fad diets and dubious promises of rapid weight loss. But they can be used in a way that is far healthier. I’m going to tell you about some of the benefits of shakes as part of a fitness-oriented lifestyle and give you some ideas for ingredients.

A boost for busy people

Sometimes, despite your best intentions, your workout comes around and you just haven’t had time to do the proper prep. Or maybe you haven’t had the chance to eat. In these situations, a nutritious meal replacement shake is your friend. It will give you the boost you need to stay on track and have a great session.

Calorie replacement, not ‘fat burning’

I’m not talking here about products that claim to burn fat. Rather than some low-carb, low-fat, vaguely protein-ish concoction, the replacement shakes I’m talking about are just that: a shake that will replace the calories you’d find in a meal. They’re made from healthy ingredients and have a sound scientific base.

Super-shake ingredients

You could try milled oats, which are full of good stuff like manganese, phosphorous, biotin and vitamin B1. Whey powder is a quick source of protein and amino acids. Super greens supplements give you the goodness of fruit, vegetables and herbs in a single hit. You could also add cinnamon powder or vanilla extract to your shake to give it that extra kick.

Quick and easy to make

You don’t need specialist equipment to fix yourself a healthy meal replacement shake, just a blender to blitz your chosen ingredients with whatever you’re using as your base liquid, such as milk. A set of scales is a good idea, too, so you can be sure you’re getting the right balance.

So think again about meal replacement shakes. Don’t just dismiss them as to do with crash diets and pseduoscience. Approached correctly and with the right ingredients, a shake can be a great addition to your fitness regime.