Metaburn fat burner, is definitely a great supplement for getting rid of that extra weight and helping you shift that unwanted fat.

I have been asked to trial these and was surprised within the first few days. Metaburn contains a combination of the most powerful biologically active ingredients that aid weight loss.

As the saying goes- it does exactly what it says on the tin. Metaburn helps increase your metabolism with natural extracts and with continuous daily intake you maintain this level which is the contributing factor for shifting that extra weight that wont go.

Paul Fitness Fan

With previous fat burners I have had rapid body temperature change, sweat as if I was backpacking in the Sahara and stomach gramps which you ignore because ‘it will all be worth it in the end’.

But with Metaburn I noticed no side effect. Over the past few week I have notice I rise in energy and this is due to the ultimate combination of Green Coffee Bean Extract, Green Tea, Raspberry Ketones.

Metaburn has now risen to my first choice when stripping down or loosing that extra bit of fat that wont shift. With great results in weeks and minimum side effects not only did it shift the weight but also gave by body a boost having more energy. All in all no complaints and would recommend to any of my clients, friends and family.

Pros: No accelerated body temperature change. No hunger pains

Cons: Slightly more expensive than other fat burn products

Rating: 4/5

Price: 49.99

Written by Paul. Follow me on Instagram: LondonIrishPaul