Miiego AL3 wireless Running Earphones


I have had the Miiego AL3 wireless earphones for 3 weeks now and they have become part of my every day necessities. I was extremely happy to review these. The earphones hook in a way that the earphones sit tightly on your ears. The sound from the extremely good and definitely blocks out noise when I am running.

These earphones are good for running and also whilst in the gym. We all getting sweaty during a good workout but what I found was that when I wore these the earphones were not affected by sweating which Is a bonus. I have purchases 3 different earphones in the past year due to this so I am glad that won’t be a problem with these.

I was extremely surprised with the quality when speaking on the phone. The microphone picks up speech very well and also when you connect to your phone once it will automatically do so to that phone each time you turn it on. There is a small blue light that flashes on the side which due to this my partner has taken them and prefers to run in the evening with these and used that as a safety light which I never thought about.

Retailing at £57 I think that these earphones are definitely worth the price.


This post was written by Paul.