Monday, I promise it all starts on Monday.

It will start on Monday was a common phrase I heard as kid, from my mum. However this time, it was always implied to her diet.   However, it could be in regards to anything; looking for a new job, house hunting, better eating habits or exercise.

So what I am trying to hint at, is why do we as humans always put things off?  We always  pause and procrastinate about things instead of just starting with it.

Monday I Promise -

So why when it comes to our body, the machine we use everyday and rely on for everything, are we so quick to put off the work and effort required to help it perform better?

Don’t be the stereotype and put things off, take the higher road and be professional and make it happen happen!  Instead of thinking, I want that body,  start implementing things to start making the goal less of a desire and more of a reality.  Nothing is stopping you from starting the better eating habits today!  No one says “sorry the gyms are closed to you until after the weekend!”. So the question is… Whats your excuse?

The next time you find yourself saying “I’ll start on Monday,” start now and make the most important machine in you’re life the one that wont let you down.