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I had been intrigued by introducing myself to protein supplements for a little while, as I have become more active through running. As my fitness levels have increased, my drive to exercise more has also increased, resulting in a few aches, pains and stiffness. I was also training for Tough Mudder and the Vitality Run Hackney Half Marathon, so increasing my endurance was needed to give me the strength I needed to get round.

I run with a slight curve in my inner calves due to my stance, which although running trainers have helped, it still means that my calves work a little harder than they should – having the support to help me heal was something that I was keen to look into.

Protein supplements provide a great range of benefits, but whey protein seems to be one of the more beneficial variations on the market from my research. It has a stronger range of amino acids to help provide the support for muscle growth and repair needed and also provides lots of other health benefits such as helping for depression, blood pressure and blood sugar. I didn’t want to try anything too synthetic, which is how I found Motion Nutrition.

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Motion Nutrition provide organic supplements and flavourings, which have less sucrolase in them. I’ve been using the Organic Coconut Whey Protein with their brilliant shaker, both before and after runs to ensure I am getting the supplements I need.

The Shaker

elle shaker

I really like the design of the shaker; it’s nice and tall and has a metal coil which really helps blend the protein powder better. It has both a chug and a straw opening – I prefer the straw opening but found that it leaks a little when I use it, so I tend to mix it up between the two. I think it has a really sleek design and have had a few compliments on it, which is always a nice bonus at the gym. Despite the small leaking problem, I still enjoy using it and it has become a very welcome addition to my gym bag.

Coconut Whey Protein

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The Coconut Whey Protein powder itself is a more subtle flavour, due to the organic ingredients they have used to make it less synthetic. The taste itself is pretty pleasant and didn’t have too much trouble introducing this into my regular diet. The texture was quite smooth too and actually got quite attached to the flavour. I’ve been having a 250ml shake both before and after my workouts and have found the benefits to be great. I feel stronger and less achy and it’s this protein I have to thank; it’s kept me strong and I feel a lot better about my progression of running. After Tough Mudder it was an essential, as my body was pretty battered, bruised and stiff and I needed all the help I could get to recover.

It’s been a pretty positive foray into protein supplements and I am keen to continue and refine my regime, to ensure I am getting the additional support I need to progress, stay healthier and run faster.

What protein regimes have you found successful for running? I want to know!

This post was written by Elly, who works in Digital Marketing and is still finding her way in her first 6 months of running more seriously and finding fun ways to keep fit. You can find here on Twitter and Instagram as @elly_russell.