Multipower ISO and Re-charge Drink

I was kindly asked if I would be interested in reviewing these two drinks because of all the running & marathon training that I have been doing & I needed to trial something that would possibly help give me a boost with the longer runs. So I was sent two powder drinks. Multipower ISO and Re-charge Drink.

Multipower ISO Drink

The ISO drink, as the name implies, is an Isotonic powdered energy drink with a special carbohydrate matrix, l-carnitine, minerals, vitamins and BCAAs that is designed to be taken either before or during your training to give you optimum hydration. There are three flavours to choose from; Lemon, Orange & the flavour I tried, Raspberry.

Using it couldn’t be easier, two scoops (35g) is mixed with 500ml of water & then drink either before or during (or both) training.

I’m not a huge fan of powdered water based drinks but this stuff mixed really well & didn’t leave any nasty bitter residue or lumps. The Raspberry tasted as you’d expect – of Raspberry, but luckily without any nasty chemical artificial after taste. It tasted actually more refreshing than I expected, not sweet at all, although I do think i’ll try the lemon variety next. Oh and did I mention it was pink in colour, not an issue for me at all but the shade of pink did remind me of the rinsing liquid you get at the dentist. Not that it should put you off.

So, did it work? Well I can’t say I ran faster or further drinking this instead of just plain water but it was good to have something else to drink for a change. I also found that after I didn’t have such a thirst as I normally would, nor did I feel totally exhausted. I would certainly recommend this drink, it’s good value & used in conjunction with the Re-charge drink forms a complete hydration & supplement package for your training, whatever that might be.

Multipower Re-charge Drink

Multipower ISO and Re-charge Drink


So, as the ISO Drink is for before/ during exercise the Re-charge Drink is for after exercise, designed as a muscle recovery formula with PeptoPro + L-Glutamine and an optimum carb/protein ratio of 4:1. High-quality protein in the form of PeptoPro is included to help fast muscle recovery.

This comes in a single variety, Orange & like the other powdered drink mixes very easily with water. Take two scoops (45g) & mix, simple. Again, no chemical or artificial taste to the flavour which I found really light & refreshing, even more so after a long sweaty run (or gym session).

I do really like this supplement, I did find that my muscle ache although still there was less than it has been in the past the next day after training (DOMS) plus I did seem to ache for less time too. The tub contains 14 portions which is great value & if you work out 3-4 times a week it should last you the month.

If your interested in these drink supplements they are available from Multipower.

This post was written by Adam of Fitness Fan @brighton_rock