Multipower Whey Isolate Protein


The protein powder in question is MultiPower’s Whey Isolate protein. At £67.99 for a 1.59kg bag, this is certainly a more expensive protein powder, and much more than the equivalent product from the likes of MyProtein.

So, is the extra cost worth it? In a word, yes.

When I received this product, I had only just begun weightlifting regularly. I had been going to the gym for a few months, and was following a steady programme that was laid out for me by a weightlifting friend. At this stage I was using the previously mentioned MyProtein’s Whey Isolate. I was certainly getting good results, but the taste, consistency and recovery just wasn’t quite right.

Let’s talk about the protein itself. The flavour that I chose was ‘French Vanilla’, which is what I would usually go for. One thing that you notice immediately about the protein is the consistency – it is lighter, and ‘fluffier’ than any other protein that I have tried. This makes for a great consistency, it mixes very easily meaning that the shake is smooth. The taste is great – even when mixed with just water, the vanilla flavour is delicious and even after three months, I was not sick of it. My morning post-workout shake of milk, Greek yoghurt, banana, peanut butter and this protein was a treat!

The nutrition of each shake gives a high ratio of protein, with very low fat and carbs:

Per serving:

  • Fat – 0.4g
  • Carbohydrates – 0.8g
  • Protein – 26g
  • BCAA – 6.5g

gym 2

For me, the BCAA had a noticeable impact on my recovery. I found that, immediately after I began taking the MultiPower shakes, my recovery time was drastically reduced. I was able to quickly improve on my PRs, without feeling the fatigue that I previously had. BCAA is now a regular part of my nutrition, and I wouldn’t go back.

Since finishing the bag of MultiPower protein, I have since been using MyProtein’s Whey Isolate. The difference is hugely noticeable – my recovery times have increased as have my levels of fatigue.

Yes, this protein is expensive. But if you are dedicated to improve in the gym and are putting in the hours, it is only right that you invest in correct nutrition. Buy this protein now!