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Ready Meals that are actually good?

Hi Guys, Jarmes here, finally with my first post

This is a personal review as I have been dealing with Musclefood long before I joined FF. The first products that I have tried and tested were the High-Protein ready meals. Originally I was somewhat sceptical of them, fearing taste would be the major downfall, as well as being Micro-meals.

However, this was not the case at all, with my personal favourite being the Moroccan Chicken meal, (which Might I add has a massive 56g of Protein, basically the equivalent of two standard protein shakes) with wholemeal rice and quality chicken this I felt stood out from the others. Don’t get me wrong the others are enjoyable also, with the Mexican style beef being my second favourite, and being ready in 3 minutes in the microwave only increases the level of their appeal.

One concern I have however is the Carb count, which I feel maybe too low, especially if you’re training if intensive and strenuous, but one way to counter this of course is too have some wholemeal bread to bump up the carbs. The fat content is also a positive, with the highest amount being 10g, making these meals perfect for people that are trying to cut for summer. Another maybe that the low amount of calories each meal, again may need padding out, as the highest amount being still under 400 calories. Sometimes I found myself using 2 meals depending on my mood.

To conclude these meals are perfect, for a quick snack after the gym or even if you cannot find the motivation to cook something complicated. The high protein and low fat make them very appealing, no matter what your training goals are. One final piece of advice though would be to go with the Variety 8 pack at £24.00. I myself committed to the larger bundle at nearer £70, which does make each meal even cheap once you work it out, and of course they last a considerable amount of time, but I soon found myself getting bored and wanting something different (Although this is personal taste and doesn’t reflect on the meals themselves). I am looking forward to trying more of Musclefood’s products in the future, as I believe they can be very beneficial to anyone’s training goals, and of course at a reasonable price.


Taste – 8
Price – 8.5

Watch this space,