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No1fitnessLast weekend I was given a great opportunity to visit and review No1 Fitness – Top London based Personal Trainers – in their awesome Tower Bridge Studio. I and my fellow gym buddy reviewer were given a fantastic 30 minute Fitness class led by one of No1 Fitness’s top PT’s called Mark Hallam.

Upon entering the Tower Bridge Fitness Studio, you are welcomed with a stylish reception and seating area that is looked out onto a craze of exciting new gym equipment – ranging from an impressive squat rack to dip and pull-up apparatus with excellent cable machines and a vast array of dumbbells. Past the reception area you come across a great deal of kettlebells, bosu balls, power plates, hanging TRX’s and another squat and dead lift area. However, not to forget my two favourite pieces of equipment in this studio – the prowler and the Olympic rings! The prowler is a ‘push sled’ which can have weight added to it in order to increase strength in what closely matches the mechanics of running. There is a newly placed artificial turf cutting right through the centre of the studio where the Olympic rings hang directly above; in order for the prowler to be pushed/pulled with comfort.

No1 Fitness

We were both extremely excited to start working out and couldn’t wait to use the modern and up to date equipment first hand.

The Fitness class began with a great 5 minute warm up which was an interesting alternative to jog on a treadmill – we started off with bear crawls and lunge twists with the use of resistance bands to help stretch out our muscles before the hard work began. It’s important to warm up before strenuous exercise but also static stretching should only take place after the workout therefore the use of a resistance band whilst performing simple movements gained an added benefit to releasing tension within our muscles and aiding in the prevention of possible injuries.

Looking around the gym studio there was not a treadmill in sight – this gave a great impression to the type of training that happens here – hands on, more personal and circuit exercise based training which is perfect for weight loss, fat loss and muscle building!

After the quick but exhilarating warm up we got into a circuit routine that was based around 4 different exercises – consisting of 50kg deadlifts, TRX squat and rotate, power plate burpees and 25kg prowler push. We sweated out on these exercises for 45 seconds each and rotated around achieving two full rounds with no rest. After grabbing a quick sip of water and wiping the sweat from our eyes we started a second circuit with the same timings as the last. The four new exercises consisted of: Box jumps, TRX knees to chest, 25kg Prowler pull and Vipr bar twists with mountain climbers. To finish off we completed a quick but powerful Tabata Kettlebell workout; allowing us to finish off on an intensely great high from a full body blitz.

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The highlights of the session had to be using the prowler – an incredibly amazing piece of equipment that not only builds muscle within your shoulders, back, glutes and quads it also burns fat dramatically from the intensity of the exercise (High intense). This makes the prowler one of the best workout exercises I have used up to date! Mark was an excellent motivator and instructed all exercises correctly with great safety and direction. He made both myself and my gym reviewer feel at ease as well as work extremely hard during the fitness session – he informed us on what exercises worked which muscle groups and why we executed such movements. We then got a chance to have a one to one with Mark and ask some great Q and A’s to his experience with working at No1 Fitness.

What makes No1 Fitness Trainers different to other London based Trainers?

All trainers have monthly seminars to teach us new and exciting exercises that aids in increasing our awareness into helping our clients achieve their goals. We also offer carbohydrate tolerance testing as well as macronutrients advice. At No1 Fitness all trainers work together as a team not as individuals like you may see in other gyms – we are here for each other’s clients as well as our own to help motivate and achieve their goals. 

What’s your number 1 tip for people who are just starting to get fit?

I would advise them to get a Nutritional health check first. We do nutritional assessments here and then we would move onto the basic compound movements. 

How would you describe your type of training?

I train my clients based on their individual body composition and heavy strength training protocols. I do very strength based exercises which is ideal for muscle building as well as fat loss in males as well as females.

What part of your job do you enjoy the most?

I enjoy seeing my clients get results! 

No1 Fitness

Why would you recommend getting a personal trainer?

I would recommend getting a personal trainer to ensure safety during your workout, to add structure to your time at the gym and to always have a time booked in where you know you need to stick to your appointment and go to the gym! I also recommend it for motivational purposes as there is only so much that you can do on your own!

What piece of equipment in this studio is your favourite?

It would have to definitely be the Prowler! 

No1 Fitness have three separate studios based around the London area, including: Tower Bridge, City Studio and Canary Wharf. At No1 Fitness the trainers are all about getting down to business, cutting out the misinformation overload and simply delivering you the body you deserve!

Check out some amazing client before and after achievements on No1 Fitness’s website including an astonishing success from a Sam Pridham – who in just 11 weeks – went from 25% body fat down to 11%!

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