Oatien Protein Flapjacks


Before we get into the detail, I should introduce myself!

I’m Sam, a 30 year old fitness enthusiast from Brixton. I’m at the gym 4 times a week (always mornings, never evenings), and when I’m not there you can find me in my local swimming pool, or on the squash court, cycling Richmond Park, playing football for Brixton Town FC, or if you were in Paris last weekend, running the Paris Marathon.

I’m a lover of fitness, but also food, which is why the Oatein Flapjacks caught my eye and I felt compelled to write about them!

The recent explosion of more readily-accessible access to protein supplements has been a bit of a mixed bag.

There are now cereals, yogurts, and even crisps available which offer an added protein fix, but so often the product is laden with some of the nastier, unhealthier stuff too.

With the new Oatein Flapjacks, however, thankfully this was not the case.

OatienThe first thing which grabbed me about these snack bars is how appealing they looked.

I tried the Cookies and Cream flavour, and the bar looks like something you would usually find on your local tuck shop confectionary shelf. But with no artificial flavours to be found, the blend of 37g of oats and 19g protein combine to give you the complex carbs for slow release energy, in addition to the punchy protein hit (about the same as a chicken breast). And it tastes incredible.

I can’t speak for the other flavours available (yet!), but there is a distinct ‘home baked’ feel about the Cookies and Cream edition, and considering there are Cherry Bakewell, Banoffee Pie and Strawberry Cheesecake flavours also on offer (amongst others), the Oatein Baker deserves credit creating a healthy snack available in such appetising flavours.

For me, it was a refreshing change to be able to reach for a snack bar bursting with genuine flavour and be content in the knowledge it has the nutritional value I was looking for too. A couple of years back if someone told me I’d be having cookies and cream for my post-gym, 3pm fix, I would of laughed in their face.

What CoreX have done is combine appealing ‘cheat-day’ flavours, with an accessible, enticing alternative to so many of the bland protein bars out there.

I’m planning on having Banoffee Pie after my legs session later. Who would have thought it?!