Optimum Nutrition Pre Workout


I recently have used  Optimum Nutrition  as  a  pre work out  and  have to say…. it is fantastic. I’m not going to say I’m the biggest or fittest guy in the world. If anything, I try to get fit because I enjoy it and since working out, have found that it make me feel a lot better in-comparison to not working out. I have tried a number of pre-workout supplement namely Pulse v4 by My Protein as well as a number of others. However, after trying out Optimum Nutrition, it definitely is a supplement I would try again!

The feeling I get when working out on pre-workout is…. unique. I feel a lot more focused, can work out for a lot longer period of time and generally push a lot more if I’m doing weight training. I generally take the supplement about 30 minutes before my workout. As you take Optimum Nutrition’s pre-workout, you get the same sensation as others; your brain start “fizzing” which is how I like to describe it. You tend to only want to carry out physical activities rather than mental ones and if you attempt to try to use your brain for any mental work, your brain becomes quite scattered and you can’t concentrate.


The product feels clean in comparison to others that I have used. I never realised until I tried Optimum Nutrition’s pre workout but you can definitely tell. When you first look at the product, it comes in a really nice black container with a gold lid. It definitely looks the part. Before I opened it, I was looking through the ingredients and instructions of how many scoops I should take. This is the only part where I think the product should be a little clearer. You should take one scoop of the pre-workout with about 350 ml of water. The flavouring is nice and not too over whelming. After about 30 minutes, it kicks in and you’re good to go and start your workout. The last point I want to make was that the after effects of taking the supplement where you feel drained is quite good as I have taken others and feel totally drained after. This supplement doesn’t have that affect and you can carry on your day as normal.

In summary, product packaging is good but the instructions of usage could be a little clearer. The flavour is good and went down nicely. It kicks in after about 30 minutes and gives you a really good workout. Finally, the post work out feeling is fine and you don’t feel drained. By the end, you feel a lot more pumped and definitely feel as if you’ve ha d a good workout!

Overall I  give  Optimum Nutrition’s Pre-Workout  4.5  stars out of  5 (only missed off the 0.5 due to the usage instructions).