Overhaul Your Abs This Summer

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Summer is looming and, although sunny skies will make a welcome change from the seemingly never ending winter we have just had here in the UK, the idea of getting into your swimwear, at least if you’re anything like me, is strangely threatening.

But it doesn’t have to be that way! If you’re scared of your swimsuit or timid about getting into your trunks, working on your abs can give you the confidence boost you need to swagger onto the beach-scene this sunny season.

Abs - Fitness Fan | Fitness AdviceEven total beginners can get great abs if they follow a healthy diet and commit to an exercise regime, so why not follow these top tips and give great abs a try?

Focus on your core

Working on your deep ab muscles is the fastest way to shrink your waist and will help you to stand straight and tall, which will make you appear slimmer!Beginners, try the plank exercise in all its variations; you’ll be amazed at the difference using your stomach muscles to support your body weight a couple of times a day can make.

Get the gear

Investing in some key pieces of equipment can do wonders for your workout, and can often be much better value than paying expensive gym membership fees.You can pick up a gym ball very cheaply and they’re great for helping you develop great muscle tone as well as core stability.A fantastic and criminally underused piece of kit are gymnastic rings. Ring rollouts are an excellent abdominal exercise which will do wonders for transforming your abdominal muscles and give them a lean look, these gym rings are available from Gym Company for less than £50.00 so I’ll definitely be investing in the run up to this summer.

Little and often

If you struggle to fit in a workout to a daily routine then work your abs little and often, this 8 minute abs workout is an 80s throwback that works. The regime works each area of abdominal muscles, including your core. You’ll have fun while you’re doing it and it won’t seem too hard – until the next day, when you really feel the burn.

Don’t forget your cardio

You could be building fantastic abdominal muscles but hiding it under a layer of fat, a great cardio routine is the only way to expose your newly toned abdominals and show the world that mighty mid-section this summer!