Monday, I promise it all starts on Monday.

It will start on Monday was a common phrase I heard as kid, from my mum. […]

The Hard Facts About Smoking

Smoking: Whats your opinion? It’s not a shocker to see people lighting up their cigarettes after […]

It’s all in the Mind

“Don’t go for a run, stay in bed, it’s warm and cosy.” My mind suggested bringing […]

Kettlebell Kraze – Part 1

Kettlebells, which were developed in Russia in the 1700s, are being raved about on many a […]

Tabata Training: Your Guide

Tabata Training: Short and Sweet Tabata was developed in Japan and founded by a scientist called […]

The building blocks for gaining muscle tone

Gaining muscle size and improving muscle tone is important for creating a strong, aesthetically pleasing physique. […]

Finding the motivation to train

Like most people, the hardest  part of working out for me was in fact getting into […]

Make Fitness a Lifestyle not just a Hobby!

I’ve struggled with my weight over the last 8 months (ranging from a low 48kg to […]

Christmas, crackers and carbs

As the darkness sets in and the nights get colder, we all know Christmas is coming. […]

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