Paul Byrne Interview

Paul The Muscle Coaches

Name: Paul Byrne
Nickname: Irish (wonder why!!)
Age: 32
Height:174 cm
Weight: 76kg
Sponsored by: The Muscle Coaches

Instagram: @londonirishpaul
Twitter: IrishPaulb

When did you first start training?
I first started to train about the age of 24. (Back then at that age there was no craze like there is now haha)! I had got back from travelling and even though I had be trekking around with a back pack on my back didn’t help at all! I still had no muscle and weighted 63kg, so I thought that was the best time to start getting in shape and gaining some muscle.
It was quiet hard starting at first and massively intimidating….. I’m sure starting off everyone asks the same questions in their head….” what will I do? What is this machine? I better not read the instructions or others will know I’m new/ act like you know what you’re doing/ that weight looks too light I better lift heavier etc…….”
This is no truer that a leprechaun sitting at the end of a rainbow!!
I was lucky starting off that my trainer was my best friend (Matt) and was a security guard so was no stranger to working out. I still remember my first day… and the first thing Matt said to me:
“first have a look around and watch every person here train…they are here because they want to keep fit and grow muscle they aren’t interested in your exercises if anything they will critique your technique and motivate you so get rid of the intimidation, imagine you’re the only one here and start concentrating of growing”.
That stuck with me and helped me to focus on my goals. It made it easier to ask others questions about what the exercises were/ how to spot/ different techniques and after having a familiarity of training with different people, building confidence and overall enjoying the gym I decided to better my knowledge and become a Personal Trainer.
I was already at a point where I would train with different people and be asked questions during workouts so to better myself I thought I further qualification under my belt wouldn’t be any harm.

As I was in a full time job I had the opportunity through Premiere Training to undertake a level 3 Personal Training course part time. This ran for several months on a Saturday and Sunday every second week. Even though I can talk to the wall or become best friends with your nanny, don’t get me wrong it wasn’t a walk in the park. Not only did I learn how to train others but further my social skills, applying myself to interacting with large groups, off hand exercises and over all selling yourself. Don’t forget a lot of people start their careers and businesses from this, so knowing the direction you want to go at the end is helpful.

The main reason for achieving this qualification was because I love to help others and let say a bit of a social butterfly. So with having qualified knowledge gave me more confidence that I was giving the right advice to others.

I relocated about 3 years ago to London and decided to concentrate more on my career than Personal Training but that didn’t stop me advising others in the gym if anything for me it helped make now friends and from this led my Personal Training qualification down an avenue where I was asked to be a part of this site YAYYY. Oh yeah thanks mate lol.
This is good for me because it’s just talking and giving advice and knowledge which I have to others …. I don’t want to blog about being MR. Motivator or how to be meat head of the year but just the simplistic back to basic keeping fit and how to do exercises correctly. Maybe boring to some but I have come across some people where the smallest push start has helped immensely so hopefully through blogs I can also achieve this.

Eh so I have yet again waffled too much mate ha-ha! What else can I tell you?

How often do you train?
I usually train 5-6 times a week. I usually alternate my rest day but that may be depending on how heavy Saturday night is ha!

How long do you train for?
On average I train about an hour and half a day, having a plan for what I want to train and sufficient rest intervals between sets. I then normally have a 30-40 minute cardio session at the end which is my travel home.

What are your goals?
I would love to have my body in shape so that I could compete. I enjoy concentrating on individual muscle growth and focusing on trying to reach the best shape I can I suppose.

Which is your favourite muscle group to train?
Ohhhhh let’s see…aghhh I love them all lol. Ok at the moment its legs. Honestly I’ve never concentrating properly on them. For years it was just to get my upper body to grow but people forget that training legs helps boost your natural testosterone and don’t forget when your lifting/pushing or balancing where does this come from…your legs so at the minute my goal is to get these bad boys to grow Ha-ha

Can you talk through your weekly workout?
Eat…Sleep…Train…Repeat… ha-ha
My weekly rota really depends on how the day has gone and times I can work out. I normally train one muscle group and prime another at the end of my session before moving onto my cardio. By priming I mean some light exercises on a different muscle to the one with has been trained.

Do you follow a particular diet?
I would like to say I stick to a strict diet but I’d be lying. I could probably say I am a bit lucky as I’m not one to worry about what I eat it’s the opposite really, I have such a high metabolism that it’s hard for me to sustain weight so even though some people envy that I would gladly like a few more kg. In saying that I do eat healthy ensuring I have enough red meat/ protein/ fish alongside the odd cheat meal.


What supplements so you take?
Currently I use BSN True Mass (weight gainer), Huel for extra calories during the day in work and because it’s a taste I far rather that other meal supplement drinks and BSN Glutamine DNA/ Beta Alanine post workout.
Every few months I add a pre workout and for years I have stuck to the notorious No-Explode, it works well for me and “does exactly what it says on the tin”.

What music do you listen to when training?
I love listening to RnB music during my cardio but during weightlifting I usually like listening to a decent house set.. Yeah I know a little different so have a podcast downloaded from one of my mates on iTunes: Spectrum- James John and Adam Turner

Who do you look up to or admire?
You know what my best mate Matt…. without his determination/ push and drive I wouldn’t be where I am today. (Also he’s scary if you don’t do what he says ha-ha) honestly though he gave me the confidence I have today. Obviously other athletes too as I admire their dedication and drive to ascertain their goals also.

What is your best achievement?
Raising money for two separate charities: firstly by spending 3 weeks trekking on the Great Wall of China & secondly hitchhiking from Cambridge to Morocco. Not only was it an exhilarating experience but also to know we helped kids less fortunate than ourselves in Africa.

What advice would you give anybody who wants to start training?
“first have a look around and watch every person here train…they are here because they want to keep fit and grow muscle they aren’t interested in your exercises if anything they will critique your technique and motivate you so get rid of the intimidation, imagine you’re the only one here and start concentrating of growing”.

Now what’s stopping you…..