Paul Dean Betts Interview

Paul Dean Betts

Paul Dean Betts
Age: 32
Height: 6ft
Weight: 85-90kg
Instagram: paulsonline

When did you first start training?

I 1st started training when I moved to Mansfield for residency studies. After many years of being moved around between different doctors and physios to try solve a back issue I acquired when I was 14, this was due to my birth defect and having a twisted and uneven hip. This caused major issues with my back.. I was told after 10 yrs of treatment, that there was nothing more that could be done.
I decided to take it into my own hands and started training from the age of 24/25 to strengthen my back and hopefully get strong enough for it to support itself.

How often do you train?

I train twice a day  basically everyday, Power lifting compounds in the AM and isolation circuit training in the PM, I currently do not do any steady state or HIIT cardio.

How long do you train for?

Around a total of 3 hours a day, luckily my life style allows for it.

What are your goals?

To get a high ranking in Worlds Strongest Disabled man this year and also to become the 1st British PCA Disabled Bodybuilding Champion.

Which is your favourite muscle group to train?

It used to be back as that’s what I had always concentrated on, but I have a new found love for training my leg.

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Can you talk through your weekly workout P?

Day 1 – AM would be Legs, I would start with either SLDL or Squats alternating each time and would spend the whole gym session on that 1 compound.
Day 1 – PM Would involve Leg extensions, Hamstring curls, adductors and abductor exercises, using sets 5x 8-15 reps.

Day 2 – AM Chest: I would alternative between either Flat Barbell Bench or Incline BB Bench
Day 2 – PM  Cable flys, dips, db flys, db pull overs, press up would be parts of the pm routine using ranges 5x 8-15 reps

Day 3 – AM Back: I would be Romanian Deadlifts, Rack Pulls or Bentover rows
Day 3 – PM  Pullups, Seated rows, Higher rep Bentover rows, bit of biceps thrown in 5x 8-15 reps

Day 4 – AM Shoulders  Starting with standing front shoulder barbell press or alternative with reverse shoulder pressing.
Day 4 – PM Shoulders  DB Shoulder pressing, DB lateral raises and some tricep rope pull downs and some close grip dips. 5 x8-15 reps

I willusually throw in a quick ab workout about once a week, which involves weighted leg raises and some crunches.

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Do you follow a particular diet?

I follow CKD which is a modified Keto diet which allows for a 1day carb up and the rest  of the weeks fats and protein only.
I have been following this for nearly 3 years.

What supplements so you take?

Pink Himalayan salt, Vit C, calcium, Omega 3/6, beta alanine, creatine, Canintine, arginine, taurine, multi vit with iron , potassium and magnesium, i take daily.

What music do you listen to when training?

I’m not one for headphones as they get in the way, i listen to whatever is on the gym radio 🙂

Who do you look up to or admire?

Simon Robinson and Frank Zane.

What is your best achievement?

Qualifying for PCA British championship and the world strongest disabled man competition.

What advice would you give anybody who wants to start training?

Diet is a major factor if you want to make progress in the gym.
if your diet is not on point, you can go to the gym, lift all you want and not make progress!
Unfortunately it took me many years to work out.

Keep it simple and learn the big compounds and do all of them, its the best way to build a balanced physique.