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phd 1As women, our health and fitness goals tend to be different to men’s and therefore our nutritional requirements also need to differ in order for us to succeed. The PhD woman range is an exciting tailored assortment of nutritional shakes, capsules and bars that have been specifically developed for women. PhD’s moto is to aid women with the right nutrition regardless of their busy lifestyles and hence this collection has been designed to slot easily into any daily routine – Yes even your nightmare of mornings or hectic school runs!

What’s New?

PhD woman have released an energising and inciting new product named ‘The meal replacement bar’. It features in two appealing and modern flavours: Chocolate peanut and Caramel crunch. What makes these PhD woman’s bars appealing is the high content of vitamins and minerals that have been adapted just for women allowing you to get the best nutrients to fuel your workouts as well as achieve your optimal weight loss and toning goals. In just one of these meal replacement bars (60grams) you are consuming a whopping ~40% of your recommended daily intake for most of your essential vitamins and minerals; i.e. Vitamin C, Vitamin D, Calcium, iron and biotin – to name a few!
I’ve tried and tested both of these meal replacement flavours this week and immediately had some great feedback for all you women out there searching for flavoursome protein and weight control foods. The caramel crunch flavour took me through the whole day keeping me fuller for longer as I ate it as a quick on-the-go breakfast snack – as once again I was rushing around not finding any time to cook those ‘we know what’s healthy’ scrambled eggs and smoked salmon meals you all see plastered across all your typical fitness and health magazines and blogs. The 60gram bar was extremely satisfying as I felt not only content but also revitalised and almost slightly more motivated to achieve my daily routine. Now I am not a fan of any added sugar in products and looking through PhD’s ingredients there is a slight percentage of glucose syrup and a small amount of added sugar – just for the chocolate coating. Having noticed this and calculated the amount of sugar you will be consuming (~12-13grams) per bar, the quantity is still low enough to enjoy as part of a healthy diet and weight loss program. 25-30grams of sugar per day is the ideal amount when controlling sugar habits as well as wanting to achieve that lean muscular and toned physique that most of us fitness ladies strive for. Therefore, if you are slightly conscious of the sugar content, I recommend eating this bar as part of a Post workout snack in order to utilise the sugar in replenishing your glycogen stores as well as aiding your muscles with a sufficient amount of protein and carbs combined with great added benefits from the vitamins and minerals.

Why are these essential vitamins and minerals so important?

Although Vitamins do not provide any energy they are absolutely critical for turning food into energy. Each vitamin is essential for playing different roles in making our body perform to the best of its ability.

Vitamin B6 – Helps regulate hormonal activity and aids certain metabolic reactions in the body, including the production of energy and haemoglobin. When levels of B6 are low in the blood, athletic performance can be hindered.

Vitamin B12 – Is crucial for getting oxygen to the tissues in the body due to its role in red blood cell formation.  You are at risk of anemia when your body has low levels.

Vitamin E – Protects body tissue from damage caused by free radicals. These substances can harm cells, tissues and even organs. Additionally, good quantities of Vitamin E can help the signs of premature 3

Minerals are also extremely essential and optimise performance in athletes and individuals that exercise. Iron affects oxygen transport and aerobic metabolism as well as aiding our immune function; when levels are adequate it ensures peak levels of aerobic endurance are performed. Calcium is also important in order to maximise bone mineral density and inhibit bone loss – a crucial requirement within exercising individuals due to their increased risk of stress fractures.

Take a look at the jam-packed number of added vitamin and minerals in just one single serving (one bar) of these PhD Meal Replac
ement bars.


Whether your goal is weight loss, wanting competitive sport nutrition or just getting started, Phd Woman products can certainly aid your journey towards the results you desire and move you onto the next level of progress.

You can try these for yourself and purchase a single 60g bar (Caramel Crunch and Chocolate peanut flavours) for £1.99 or a box of 12 for £23.88.

Please visit for more information and to order your selection today!