Positive Mental Attitude


The mind is great at lying to you, it will at times lie about your body image, how you cannot reach goals and are much too tired to carry on or even start exercising.

What is important to develop is a PMA (Positive Mental Attitude) to help you see life though a more helpful filter. If you indulge in seeing the negatives in life to try and protect yourself you will just end up with a mind constantly under pressure, anger, frustration and anxiety begin to become the norm. It’s like driving on the motorway believing that red cars are dangerous or unlucky. This negative filter will ignore most other colours to keep drawing your attention to the red ones, they will seem to be everywhere!

How do you develop a better attitude?

It’s more simple than you think. You have to start seeking the positives in situations which are happening around you. Start exploring what good things will come out of what seems to be a negative. A recent example for me is that whilst on a ski holiday on the fourth day I had an accident which caused severe bruising of my ribs. Whilst a Paul from far in my past would have been upset, annoyed and angry at missing out on a few days on the slopes, my PMA changed it to enjoying spending time doing something else which I love doing. I chose to write in a wonderful location instead with an amazing view of the resort. I had a great time. It would though have been very easy to go the other way with an angry head lying to me about how terrible it all was going to be.

Positive Mental Attitude - Fitness Fan

Also focus on knowing your mind is lying to you with future or past delusions as they only exist in your head and cannot be real. These lies can be very hypnotic and self fulfilling, if that’s the case then why not focus on positive delusions and make them just as self fulfilling? If you are going to bother fantasising about the past or future why not focus on the best ones possible which are healthy and realistic?

Take some time this week to explore and develop your Positive Mental Attitude and counteract the lies that your mind, as soon as you notice negative lies about your body, goals, energy levels or anything else make it a habit to switch to something else more helpful. You can ask your lying mind; Is this 100% true? If it’s future of past related it cannot be.

This usually shuts the liar up as it cannot be. What are the possible positives to something happening to you? What can you pro-actively do to change the situation? What can you accept and what can you let go of?

Have fun exploring!

This post was written by Paul (@TheLifeDoctor) .

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