Product Review 

I recently got the chance to try out a couple of interesting new exercise gizmos – a Powerball and a Powerspin both from They’re both really fun and surprisingly challenging! Below you can read about my experience using both and see whether you think these might be of use to you in your exercise routine. My overall conclusion is that the Powerball and Powerspin are both really effective, and particularly well suited to people like me who are looking for an easy and fun way to work some more exercise into their daily routine without necessarily needing to go to the gym or take too much time out of their schedule.

The Powerball is about the size of a tennis ball, and it’s made from a plastic casing containing a fast spinning rotor that you power through a simple wrist movement. Once you get it started you have to get the wrist movement just right to speed up the rotor – the faster you go the more resistance you feel, and that’s how it builds up you hand and arm muscles.

Powerball - Fitness AdviceThe first time I used it I was surprised (and impressed) by how intense a workout it gives you straight away. I was especially interested in trying out the Powerball because I have RSI in my right wrist, and I play the drums so my RSI is often a problem for me when I play shows. It’s a bit early days for me to tell if it’s going to completely solve my RSI troubles, but I feel like I’ve finally found a way to work on my strength using a movement that is quite healthy for my injured wrist. So I have high hopes for the Powerball helping and I think it’d be well worth a try for anyone that is struggling with similar injuries.

I’d recommend starting with quite a gentle/quick daily workout at first, and gradually building up the time you spend using the Powerball and the speed you try to achieve. You don’t want to strain yourself, but as you use the Powerball you’ll get stronger and you just need to keep challenging yourself bit by bit.

Overall I’m really chuffed with the Powerball and I’ve started using it for a short while every day. I can feel myself getting stronger and I’m looking forward to seeing how it can help me over the long term.

The Powerspin is the shape and (almost) size of a steering wheel, and it’s made of hollow plastic with a ball that can move through the full circle of the tube. There are various ways you can hold it to work out different muscles, but the basic idea is to get the ball moving through the tube at speed and work against the resistance from the centrifugal force on the ball.

The Powerspin is more about your whole upper body strength rather than just arms and wrists, which is great because it’s quite a fun and easy way to work out muscles you (well, I) never even knew you (I) had.

The Powerspin has been really good because I’m not gym a rat, but I do cycle and play some other sports like basketball. I’d been looking to work on my upper body strength for my BMX biking especially, and the Powerspin is an awesome way for me to spend a little bit of time on that each day without having the go to the gym. I can just do some Powerspin for a while and then head out on my bike where I really want to be.

It’s proving really effective, plus it’s portable and when my friends see me with it they always want to have a go. So I’d definitely recommend trying one out. If you have friends with either a Powerspin or Powerball you can also compete against each other for speed or stamina, so there are lots of ways to use them both and add a bit of fun to your workout.

This post was written by Caz Adlington. Follow her on Twitter (@CazAdlington)