Purple Harry : Bike Floss

Product Review

Muddy Cycling - Purple HarryPurple Harry is a new British cycling brand, which offers a great range of cycling products. This new, cool, young brand is aimed of bike lovers across the country, who knows the importance on bike maintenance.


There is nothing worse the gears not changing properly, brakes clattering and other weird and wonderful sounds a bike might make. Not only is it important to keep a bike clean for the bikes longevity, but also for rider’s safety.

Bike Floss

Bike Floss Purple Harry’s  Bike Floss, is an innovative and revolutionary product used to help keep your chain, cogs and other fifty parts on your bike clean. This rather funky product is not like anything on the market today.  When I was cleaning the chain and most important of all, derailleurs, it was very easy to use with simple and effective results. There was no need for cloths and awkward lengthened toothbrushes. These parts are not only fundamental to the bikes mechanism, but expensive to replace if not cared for. So cleaning them is important, and the Bike Floss truly lived up to its name.

The Bike floss is entirely unique, when cleaning. As it removes dirt and debris form the most inaccessible places where grease and grime can accumulate.  After washing the dirt off the floss, I was able to use them again when I decided to go for some off track mountain biking.

Purple Harry - Cleaning

Currently available in 3 grades of floss, they range from – large bristle, medium bristle and large fleece. With the different types of bristles, Bike Floss solves the problem of getting to the hard to reach parts of the bike and chain. The Fleece option is recommended on carbon components which my bike doesn’t have. However this is softer on the carbon frame and doesn’t use  the abrasive bristles found on the other versions.