Restarting Fitness After Injury

21 OCT 2011:  Mountain biking the trails of Deer Creek in Littleton,CO.

Restarting your fitness regime, or using one to aid physiotherapy when recovering from an back or leg injury, can be difficult. Even if you have the motivation for exercise, tiredness and general fatigue can put a stop to even mild training which is discouraging.

Whether you have been injured or are exercising with a muscular condition, an electric bike can help you to cycle like normal while regaining strength. Here is how:

Electric bikes make cycling easier

There are two main varieties of electric bike, the ebike which uses pedal assist technology and more moped style bikes.

Pedal assist electric bikes, such as the Eco Expedition Electric Bike, use pedal assist motors to help its riders. Using the motor hidden within the bike’s frame, this bike adds extra power to each pedal by the rider.

More moped style bikes will instead allow the rider to either cycle like a normal bicycle or use the motor to power their journey. With the numerous varieties of electric bikes on the market, many vary in their pedal assist to motor powered capabilities. Each therefore, has its own best situational uses.

Pedal assist bike can be used to build muscle and strength

Unlike motorbike or moped styles, pedal assist electric bikes allow the rider to use some of their own strength to power it. With motor powered bike, users are encouraged to rest when terrain is difficult, such as when going up hills.

With pedal assist, riders can use their own recovering muscles to power their bicycles, reducing the input when they are comfortable. In particular, pedal assist can help riders to travel longer distances with much more ease.


Use it like a normal bike, with the motor as backup

Some modern ebikes, as well as many older generations, have the appearance or an electric bike. Typically, electric bikes are bulkier in the main frame as it holds the motor and cables. This can put off users, who will feel like they have to work with bulky equipment just to cycle.

However, a number of more modern ebikes are targeted at those recovering from injury or starting a new fitness regime who participate in more off-road cycling.

These electric mountain bikes use conventional bicycle parts, including tires and frames. Not only does this allow the rider to enjoy the suspension and visual look benefits of a normal mountain bike, but it means that replacement of parts is easy.

Additionally, for recovering persons or those with chronic conditions, they can use the ebike as a normal mountain bike and have the added safety net of pedal assist should they need it.