Ronnie Coleman Pro-Antium Review

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Initial thought of this being another over-priced celebrity product were very quickly, shattered. The Ronnie Coleman Pro Antium blend itself is far superior to that of even its high end rivals; being much finer the powder mixes effortlessly in a blender shaker with milk, water and even yogurt. Spoon mixing, on the other hand, does require some effort, but this is by no means something to be put off by.

With 29g of protein, 5g of creatine, 3,5g of BCAAs per serving and only 10g of carbs. This is by far one of the best out there for getting that extra protein boost without the unwanted heavy feeling. From just looking at the ingredients you can see the thought and development that’s gone into this product.

Pro-Antium | Fitness Fan

As for flavour, I personally find it quite sweet (but not having a sweet tooth this is the case with most supplements) however it makes for a much rewarding break from the usual ‘chalky’ proteins out there, (the real cookie pieces in the Vanilla wafer crunch flavour is a nice little touch to break up the texture). You can tell this protein has been made with one thing in mind; giving the best results through a superior product, the protein content per serving alone is above many other high end brands out there.

I’m a believer in the old saying ‘you get what you pay for’ – yes you pay a premium on this product, but for that you are getting a premium product. Any early scientism has well and truly gone, this product really stands out within a market of substandard lazy protein supplements. This will certainly be a part of my supplement routine for a long time to come.

Review Summary

  • 29g of protein per serve
  • 5g of creatine per serve
  • 2.5g of betaine per serve
  • Blend of proteins with different absorption rates for sustained release and supply
  • More carbohydrates needed if  going to be being used by endurance athlete but perfect for bodybuilder

Taste 10/10

Blendability 9/10

Price 7/10

This product review was undertaken by  Sam Perkins (Twitter: @SamPerkins26)

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