Small changes that make a BIG difference

Small changes that make a big difference - Fitness Fan Blog

Small changes that make a BIG difference


1 – Swap your semi-skimmed milk with unsweetened almond milk…Semi-skimmed/skimmed or whole milk all have a high sugar content thus making your breakfast cereal increase in calories and sugar which is a huge no no for reaching goals whilst trying to lose weight. Swap it with unsweetened almond milk or even soya milk, these two have almost 0% sugar and taste nearly exactly the same, with a similar calcium content and a healthy unsaturated fat percentage these powerful milks are some great alternatives to cutting out sugar in your diet.Changes that make a big difference - Fitness Fan Blog

2 – Swap your lettuce salad leaves with spinach or kale leaves…Lettuce is almost 96% water which is awesome for when you’re dehydrated and dieting but what nutrients are we getting from it? Swap the lettuce with leaves like spinach and kale as these mighty foods are packed full of iron, increased vitamin content (such as vitamin C) and energy boosting nutrients to keep you fuller for longer and are just as low in calories!

3 – Swap your milk chocolate with dark chocolate…Milk chocolate is high in saturated fat, sugar and calories due to the amount of ‘other’ ingredients that is chucked in with the cocoa bean to make it sweeter. When you increase the cocoa bean contain to more than 70% the other ingredients that make it bad for you get lowered thus decreasing the sugar content and naturally increasing the fibrous content along with an increase in antioxidants as well as good natural fats. Not only does that make it healthier for us but every vitamin known to man is found within cocoa beans therefore making darker chocolate even better than you first thought!Small changes that make a big difference - Fitness Fan

4 – Swap your vegetable/sunflower oil with extra virgin olive oil…Extra virgin olive oil has fortifying health benefits that exceed all over vegetable based oils, the extra virgin part contains polyphenol, which is an antioxidant that protects the body from free radical damage. As well as that Olive oil has the largest amount of monounsaturated fats (good fats) that lower our cholesterol and keep our heart healthy compared to all other naturally produced oils.Small changes that make a big difference - Fitness Fan Blog

5 – Swap your rolled oats with oatbran…Oatbran is milled oats that have an increased fibre and protein content than normal rolled oats; whilst lower in calories due to a slightly decreased starch carbohydrate content they are still full of the cholesterol destroying benefits!Small changes that make a big difference - Fitness Fan Blog

6 – Swap your everyday peanut butter with Meridian nut butters…Meridian uses 99.5% nuts in their nut butters with the rest 0.5% being salt (when choosing the salted ones – otherwise they are 100% nuts), they have no added sugar, no vegetable oil and not even palm oil in their ingredients making these nut butters (peanut/almond/cashew/hazelnut) full of macronutrient benefits full of fortifying fibrous and protein based food goodness!Small changes that make a big difference - Fitness Fan Blog

7 –  Swap your drinks for Green Tea…Whether you are a coffee or tea lover try and include one green tea a day into your drinking habits. Research shows with regular intake you can naturally burn up to 100 more calories from drinking the powerful antioxidant! Also, luckily for us the clever people at Twining’s have introduced a new line of green tea that includes tasty flavours such as gingerbread man, caramelised apple and salted caramel flavoured green tea!

Written by Hayley Madigan

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