Sports Massage Therapy A Rewarding Career in Fitness

Sports Massage Therapy A Rewarding Career in Fitness Fan Blog

Sports Massage Therapy A Rewarding Career in Fitness

Have you, like us, got a strong passion for fitness? Have you ever considered turning this hobby into a career? The fitness industry is a rewarding and profitable place to work providing you are a hardworking, driven individual and one common misconception people make with a career in fitness is that they think there is only one job route: becoming a personal trainer. Well this is indeed not the case, as a company Discovery Learning are constantly helping to create & deliver new qualifications to aspiring fitness professionals; from Yoga to Pilates, there are plenty of other options to choose from although some courses are more popular than others, there is one course we deliver that has been turning heads since we first delivered it in 2012.

Our Sports Massage Therapy courses have started to become more & more popular, with a noticeable gap in the market many of our students have gone onto to establish profitable businesses where they are constantly booming and in some cases now experienced to charge £60 + per hour session and still be in high demand. Discussing aspirations with our students we have come to discover that many have gone on to graduate and take their active IQ, REPs accredited qualification on the road, to become mobile sports massage therapist. Does owning a booming business in which the only business expense is your lunch and petrol costs sound good to you? We couldn’t believe it either, but our qualifications are providing learners with the resources to be their own boss, at a relatively low start up cost.

Sports Massage Therapy A Rewarding Career in Fitness Fitness Fan Blog

Sports Massage Therapy from Discovery UK

Now many people join the fitness industry job market so they can maintain their active lifestyle at work, there’s also those who are looking for a sense of job satisfaction that comes with a job in the fitness industry because at the end of the day you are helping people. Life as a Sports Massage Therapist is less physically de
manding then other roles within the industry; however it is equally, if not more rewarding. Many clients will be nursing back from terrible sports injuries and you will have the ability to get them back in form as quick as possible, from amateur to professional levels, sport is a key part of the majority of the population’s lives and to be able to rescue a person’s ability to compete is an indescribable feeling.

Take the leap. To start your career as Sports Massage Therapist you can enrol on Discovery Learning’s level 3 Sports Massage Therapist course for only £999. This is the first of 2 sports massage courses and these are both internationally recognised qualifications, recognised by the UK Register of Exercise Professionals.