The Cover Model Commandments


Bought another Fitness Magazine? Not sure what to read? To much jargon and language of muscles and supplements? Need not worry, if you have answered ‘yes’ to one of those questions. Then you might want to read this.

Follow these 10 simple rules and I can guarantee, the next fitness model’s physique you see, they will be following these cover model commandments.

Consistency is Crucial.

Lets straighten this out, first of all. The key to a successful physical transformation is the amount of times you push your body and workout. Every day you miss is another day that you are further away from the your goal. Training for four good days heavy and followed by one bad day off, does not equate to three days training, although mathematically that does make sense. News FLASH! Your body does not contain numbers, it contains hormones which process chemical reactions. A bad day off is actually, going in reverse inproporitionally. Every day counts, just make it to the gym, get in the correct mental state and work through these negative thoughts training to make your body justify not training.


This is probably the easiest way to help you with being consistant. Write down you progression and training, and this will help your motivation while allowing you to see your progression in your quest. You must also track your weight every 2 to 4 weeks if you are trying to do a strength based training regime.  Apps are great for any smart phone and allow you to even display your data on computer devices in graphical forms.


So you will be spending only 4 to 7 hours in the gym a week out of 168. Use it wisely, be prepared, know your work out to reduce time wondering about. Walk out every session thinking, yeah I pushed myself and am happy. Feel that you have exhausted your muscles, but please do not cripple your self. Seriously it’s not a pretty sight!

Your Body Knows Best.

Its your body, not your personal trainer’s or not even your inspirations’. It yours. (we all have different bodies) No where your limits are, you have internal instincts that know when enough is enough. Its not cool running out the gym to be ill after you done a set. Yes, people do it. How is that health? Its not and if this occurs more than once, seek advice, professional qualified advice. If this is also the case, I would access your exercise technique also.

Set a Realistic Goal.

Goals! If you think you can look like The Rock in 3 months, you are wrong. Not even steroids would do that. Have precise focus, drive and  set something that you can see yourself doing (Being on a cover model takes a few years). But, this needs to be YOUR GOAL. Do not feel pressured or intimidated. Your goals need to be your quest, and you will achieve it with the right  intention.


Positively is the key, results come if you follow the routine. Research and results are the evidence. Attitude does not always need to be positive, stress can be helpful as it triggers  muscular hormones. This is called : Eu-stress. However, negative stress, which leads to low moral, mental suitability and being constantly depressed is NOT HEALTHY. Know the difference. Don’t let obstacles stop you, use them as motivation. Spur you on. Stay tunes to the BIGGER picture!

Fitness Needs To You a lifestyle.

You read it, check out this post. Your body is the best thing anybody will ever give you. Not a DB9 or a Lambo Gallardo (Car Fan). You need to make training fit into our life, being social, having fun, and being happy. It will do wonders for your motivation. You never want to burn the candle and both ends and be a ‘Gym Geek’ . Just make the time for fitness.

Sleep, Sleep, Sleep.

Sleep and Rest - FItness Fan BlogMake your room a hole. Dark with no lights flashing, sounds and at the correct temprature. You need to feel comfy in your sleep to get the optimum amount of required rest.

Ego Is Not Arrogance.

You are not lifting your ego. Weights are tools, like a hammer is for a builder to help him build a house. Stick to your sets, reps and weights. It is not about lifting a HUGE weight, it’ a about progression over a period of time. The ego will not impress anyone! Especially the ladies.

Last But Not Least, Practise Your Posing.

You need to practise like anything. It will stimulate your mind, and its not nartistic. But doing in on the free mates mat will not help peoples opinion. What it will do is help you target the muscle you need to manipulate to help you stay in the physique you want. But this will help with definition.

This post was written by Dane Michael of Fitness Fan