The Jawbone UP Band and App

Jawbone Up Band and App Fitness Fan

Start getting fit this summer with the Jawbone UP band and app

Are you looking to improve your fitness? Do you want to track how much progress you have made? The Jawbone UP Band and App will change the way you go about getting fit as it is more just a band or an app as it has whole integrated system that been designed around you. It will monitor all aspects of your daily life on how you move, eat and sleep to give you a better understanding so you can make those important decisions when it comes to your fitness.

The Jawbone UP has been designed to look at your daily life and routines through a holistic approach. It will monitor your movements and sleep in the background and deliver insightful data on how you can make the next day even better than the day before as the UP can simply be connected to your mobile phone. It will instantly begin to learn how you go about life as it can observe your weight, work out bike rides you have been on, access food libraries and much more.

The UP app is the best way to see how much progress you have made along your fitness journey as it will guide you in finding hidden patterns between your day and night activities. The Insight Engine within the app will also help you in suggesting goals for you based on the patterns it sees of your activities.

The Jawbone Up Band and App Fitness Fan

The Jawbone App

If you like to go to the gym, then use the Jawbone UP to see how many calories have been burned and how intense the workout has been. Monitor what you are eating by simply scanning a barcode or typing in what you have had.

Designed to be as comfortable as possible and as you wear it more, the more data it will track of your activities. Observe how you are feeling as you the UP app can be tracked your moods. With the UP monitoring your sleep cycles, it will wake up at the optimum time so that you are feeling fresh and ready for the day ahead.

It is splash resistant to any water it comes in contact with but it cannot be submerged. It will provide ten days of use before it needs to charged up again, which only takes over an hour via the USB charging cable. It is compatible with both iPhones (iOS 5.1 or greater) and Android devices (Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich or later).

The Jawbone UP band comes in a variety of sizes, so it is best to find out which size will fit you before you buy one.

Start getting this fit summer and achieve your goals by trying the Jawbone UP band and app.

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