The Kettlebell Kraze – Part 2

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Why use kettlebells?

There are many different exercises you can do using kettlebells, so they are very versatile pieces of equipment. The exercises are different to other kinds of weight bearing ones, so they can add variety to your workout. Kettlebells are quite small, so they can be stored at home easily under a bed or in the corner of a room. It is possible to work all the areas of the body using kettlebells, so you don’t have to invest in other pieces of equipment if you have a limited budget.Which kettlebells to buy?You can buy a whole range of weights from 2kg to 32kg, but you don’t need to buy all of them at once. Women usually use 8kg and 12kg, and men use 12kg, 16kg and 20kg but it does depend on the kinds of exercises you are doing. You can buy steel kettlebells, vinyl covered ones, and some covered in neoprene. There is little difference between these but the covered ones will protect floorings.Which exercises can I do with kettlebells?The main exercise which you can do with a kettlebell is the ‘swing’. This works your shoulders, back, legs, bottom and hips. Begin holding the handle in both hands with your palms facing downwards and place your feet flat on the floor slightly wider apart than yours shoulders. Bend your knees just a little, and swing the weight back and between your legs, then up forward and level with your shoulders. Making sure your back is straight all the time; use your hips to thrust the weight forwards and backwards. Your swing movement should be controlled and fluid. Repeat this about 15 times.Kettlebell-Training | Fitness Fan UK Fitness Blog

This ‘swing’ can also be done with one arm at a time. Keep swinging the free arm to maintain your balance momentum, and remember to keep your back straight and your knees bent.

To work your abdominal muscles, arms and back you can try the ‘figure of 8’ exercise. With your feet slightly wider apart, bend your knees and lean forward slightly into a squat position. Holding the kettlebell in the right hand, swing it from between your legs to the outside of your right leg, and then back to the middle. Swap hands, and swing the weight round to the outside of your left leg and back. Keep your back straight and stay in the squat position while you repeat this 15 times, swinging in a continuous motion.

A kettlebell ‘row’ will strengthen arm and shoulder muscles. Bend over and with relaxed knees lift the weight up from the floor to your chest. Keep your elbows in tight to your body and make sure your back is straight and strong. Again, do 15 repetitions of this on each arm.

There are many more exercises you can do once you are used to the kettlebells and your stamina has increased. You can also increase the number or repetitions you do, and exercise with heavier weights. Do these workouts regularly and properly and you should soon see a change physically, and feel the benefits of toned muscles.