The Power of Disgust

Walking to the local shopping centre I tend to notice a few things on my way.

1. How fat, unhealthy and ill people look in fast food restaurants as they cram their cheap food down their gullets without even really tasting it.

2. How sick and ugly smokers look when they drag at their cigarettes not caring about themselves or the people around them they poison.

3. How dead behind the eyes most people on the sidewalk are as they shuffle like Zombies into town lost in their own little worlds.

My mind will judge these people in a very negative way and I am filled with disgust at what I am seeing. When I tell people this I can see the shock in their eyes as they are thinking this guy is a therapist and look how judgemental he is being!

 The reality is this:

1. I have been overweight and I do not want to be unhealthy, ill or fat again.

2. I don’t want to smoke like I did in the past.

3. I want to be awake and conscious, I do not want to be a Zombie who just reacts to life and lives unconsciously as their energy drains away. I want to be a awake more often so I can be pro-active, energised make conscious choices and be more present in this world.

As a therapist I see the bigger picture to why people are fat, smokers or zombies in life, I deeply sympathise with them and do my best to help them wake up and change their habits. I do though have to ignore all that information and empathy when I judge with disgust so I make sure I do not end up going back to sleep, eating too much or doing other harmful bad habits. It’s very easy by they way to fall back into old patterns of behaviour for many reasons. To avoid that I remind myself through disgust what I don’t want so I am motivated towards what I do want. It works for me and may work for you.

If we keep trying to be non-judgmental then we risk making excuses for bad lifestyles pathways which we may end up walking down ourselves. Another point to this is that you keep your judgment of disgust to yourself as you don’t know the real reasons for that person ending up the way they did. Making fun or bullying isn’t acceptable and is something else you should be disgusted by.

Use judgmental disgust wisely and it could serve you well, motivating and reminding you where you want to be and where you don’t in lots of areas of your life.

This post was written by Paul (@TheLifeDoctor) .

The Life Doctor is a Therapy Clinic based in Brighton and Hove focuses on using proactive therapies such as hypnotherapy, IEMT, NLP, Life Coaching Counselling, Mindfulness, EFT and MET to change your issues quickly, thoroughly and as successfully, helping achieve great results including fitness, training and well-being