The Top 5 Healthy Food Swaps

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Mornings are getting lighter and the days seem to be getting longer; it’s nearly Spring time which may send some of us into a bit of a melt down if you’re still trying to lose those stubborn Christmas pounds.  Even though the majority of us enjoy indulging in delicious treats and going out regularly for meals, after a few weeks of this repetitive cycle you may start to feel a little sluggish and all you feel like doing is lazing around on the sofa watching films all day. Sound familiar?

Well, as much as we love over eating, there comes a time when you wake up and you dislike what you see in the mirror. So what do you do? Do you try one of those fad ‘lose 6 lbs in 2 weeks’ challenges or start juicing up all of your food and pretend you’re doing a juice cleanse? No thank you! We know all too well that any fad diet that is hard for you to stick with will soon be forgotten and you’ll rebound straight back to the overeating of treats and junk food cycle that you cut out for all of 14 days – and then the weight piles back on and the cycle repeats itself!

From knowing how to lose stubborn fat quickly I recommend starting out with a few healthy swaps of your normal day to day foods by slowly starting to include a higher protein content to your meals and more nutritious whole foods that you’ll soon see as your ‘normal’ food and this way you won’t feel like you’re on any diet at all.

My Top 5 healthy Food Swaps for 2017 are:
Number 1:
High Fat Cream Cheese:

Philadelphia The Muscle Coaches

Swap with:
Quark Soft Cheese:

Quark Fat Free Cheese High Protein Diet Food

Number 2:


Nutella Chocolate Spread Full Fat Food High Sugar

Swap with
Jim Jam’s Hazelnut Spread:

Jim Jams Low Sugar Chocolate Spread Macros Diet Food

Number 3:
High Fat Cheese:

Cheese High Fat Protein Lactose Cathedral City
Swap with
Eat Lean Protein Cheese:

Eat Lean Protein Cheese Diet Macros Diet Food Low Fat

Number 4:
Fat Free yoghurt:

Fat Free Yoghurt High Sugar Onken Vanilla

Swap with
High Protein Greek yoghurt:

Total Greek Yoghurt 0% Fat High Protein Macros Diet

Number 5:
Breakfast bars:

Breakfast Bar Nutri-Grain Food Diet

Swap with
Grenade High Protein Carb Killa Bar:

Grenade Bar High Protein Bar Cookie Chocolate Fat Loss Macros Diet

This post was written by Hayley.

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