The Way To Great Training Sessions

It is so easy to go the gym, running track or boot camp. But if you are not feeling motivated and up for it, then you are already facing a barrier before you have even started. Not so long ago I saw a group of 4 guys training with precise focus and dedication. However, it really surprised me when a Pro Bodybuilder who also works at the gym walked in and expressed how he wished he was training now. All four guys, knew what they needed to do and were on a mission to get it done.

Create our own ‘Vibe’ at training sessions:

  •  The reason: They are you training? You need to remind yourself of why you are training and make sure you know how you gonna go about achieving the. Get in your ‘ZONE’ Don’t give up and seize the opportunity of your session. Start off easily and then ease into it. Start with a warm up and then go for gold!
  •  A great environment gets great results: Self explanatory, If you chose to train with others, its important not to get distracted. You don’t need a state of the art facility to get results, you need encouragement, awesome techniques and an environment that’s working with you and not against you.  We are victims of circumstance and environment, but do what you can in your sessions. This could be going to the gym at quieter times, or earlier in the morning.  Music can be part of it, no ballads but motivating music. However, this should be in the background and not too over powering .
  •  Training partners: If you training alone, that’s fine. However, if you train with other people. Have a clear object and make sure you pushing and encouraging each other. Having a bit of  competitive banter is part of it, but being mean won’t help anyone. People who make mistakes will learn, its not life or death.
  • Positive feedback: ALWAYS ALWAYS ALWAYS, Finish on a good note. This will help when you start you next training session. Spur your training partners on and always remember there is a differences between constructive criticism and positive feedback.

Create your own “Vibe”it is something you can focus on now. Let you’s get into your groove!