TICKR X WORKOUT TRACKER WITH MEMORY: what is it for and why would you need one?

I’ve reviewed the Ticker X to see if the workout tracker delivers against other heart rate and exercise monitors in the market.

Getting started

Even if you’re new to fitness wearable technology, by choosing the Ticker X, you will be tracking your exercise within minutes of opening the box, as it is incredibly simple to set up.

The Ticker X comes ready to use, attached to an adjustable chest strap. All you need to do is to download the Wahoo App on your phone, or to pair the device to other compatible apps (Works seamlessly with over 50 apps including Nike+ Running, Runkeeper, Strava, and MapMyFitness), and you will be getting heart rate data and workout intensity information straight away.

Whilst wrist based fitness trackers have been growing in popularity, chest straps have been proven to be better or more accurate at tracking, mostly because their position in the body whilst you exercise means that they can capture more data on your body position and form, compared to other devices.

How does it work?

Ticker X built-in accelerometer measures running form across three dimensions to help you improve your running form.  The small device also comes with a memory that holds up to a 16 hours of workouts.

The Ticker X has no built-in display;   the only indicators on the tracker itself are two LED lights that show the TICKR’s device connection (blue) and heart rate detection (red). If you want to see other metrics, you will need to sync your tracker to your phone app, however,  TICKR X allows you to leave your smartphone behind and still capture all your workout metrics, including heart rate, calorie burn, and workout duration.

Wahoo Apps

When you purchase the Ticker X heart rate monitor, you will get instructions to download two apps, the Wahoo Fitness app and the Wahoo 7 minute workout app.

The first app allows you to track running, treadmill, cycling, Indoor bike and spin class, and each of the workout metrics are tracked accordingly.

One of my favourite features is the personalized heart rate zone info. Once you complete a simple heart rate test, the device is then able to tell you how much time you spend in each zone during your workout, which will help you understand if  you are in a burn vs a burst zone.

The In-App GPS maps keep you on the right track as you run or cycle outdoors and you can also keep track of your splits.



The second major Tickr X feature is the 7 Minute Workout app. The app detects your TICKER X device, and offers you a circuit of high intensity exercises that last for approximately 30 seconds each, with a 10 second rest. These metrics are adjustable so you can personalise your own circuit. Each exercise comes with a ‘How to’ video, so you know how to keep a good form.

Individual results may vary, but in average, you burn approximately 50+ calories after you complete a full circuit.

The Ticker X will also record and count your repetitions, and if you are not completing the exercise correctly, the Ticker X would not count that rep, which really helps pushing you further to achieve better results, just like a real personal trainer would. I personally found this incredibly helpful, and a unique feature that I did not find in other devices, like FitBit, or on other workout apps.


I believe the Ticker X workout tracker is great value for money. It does what it promises and really helps you improve your workout routine by offering real time stats and great visual & hearing aids that push you to be more effective from.

I will give it 4.5 stars out of 5.

Review by: Catalina Salazar