TomTom Spark GPS Fitness Watch

Tom Tom

Tom Tom has helped us get around for quite some time now in the way of SAT NAVs, they have now moved into the fitness industry applying what they do best and help gym enthusiasts boost their training.

Newly to the market is their TomTom Spark GPS Fitness Watch. The Tom Tom watch can track your daily activity and you can set your own goals based on the calories, steps, distance or active time. You can also monitor the amount you are sleeping too. One of its greatest features is that it has an integrated music player holding up to 3GB of music making it easier to work out and not carry your phone around attached to your arm or other music devices causing distraction. Along with the GPS watch you can also use Toms Toms wireless headphones. The fitness watch streams music to a wide range of Bluetooth® headphones, and comes preloaded with Running Trax .As seen above I am wearing the watch and earphones and they are very neat and tidy. No more bulky devices attached to your wrist or head. The earphones are one of the best I have come across as they are great when I am running and working out in the gym.


tom tom phone

Steps, active minutes, distance, calories burned and sleep duration are all features which this watch has and they can be monitored by the Tom Tom MYSPORT app. This app will sync with your fitness watch and will make it a lot easier to review your progress. If you wear the watch day and night it will automatically track how many hours sleep you are getting.

The watch has a number of different features found in the multisport mode ie: Running, Treadmill mode, Cycling, Swimming, Gym and Freestyle. This is a great way to accurately capture how you are training.

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The built-in heart rate monitor accurately tracks heart rate so there is no more need to have a chest strap. TomTom Spark also includes highly accurate GPS tracking to provide real-time information including time, distance, speed and pace. This fitness watch is easy to use and comfortable and even goes as far as strap switches so you can match your kit!

This post was written by Paul