Top Three Training Mistakes

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Nobody is perfect and we all make mistakes, especially when it comes to your gym workout or training plan. When training it’s easy to get into a routine, after all humans are creatures of habit. The problem is that if you keep repeating the same exercises you can’t expect different results.  Most people are either afraid of or lack the inclination to change much preferring to be happier in their comfort zone. But change is an important thing to do, not just in life but in body-building and training. So make sure you’re not making these top three mistakes next time you work out:

Mistake 1: Be a man with no plan

It’s a well known fact that the most successful people always have a strategy. It’s common to see people who are new to the fitness world turn up when they want, train using just what they are comfortable with, with no clear direction. After some time, these people start getting annoyed as they aren’t getting any results they expect. Having a plan and setting goals is vital to success in any expansion including muscle growth. By setting goals and executing a plan you can track your results and help with motivation and training.

Don’t be that person. Plan your fitness, set realistic goals and get there quicker. Be a man with a plan

Mistake 2: Focusing on strengths and avoid focusing on weaknesses

So you like a particular muscle group or exercise and decide that’s what you going to only train. Well you have failed: muscles can’t push, they can only pull. Both push and pull type exercises must be included to add balance. So it’s important to make sure that whatever muscle you train, you train the antagonist muscle too. This will help with overall functional balance and range of movement and will also reduce chances of risk. In order to achieve great results, every plane and angle of movement must be taken care of. Flexors must be balanced with extensions.

Compound exercises should make up most of your exercises, with a few isolation movements included too. To get a great physique and good results prime movers, antagonists and stabilizers must all be strengthened. Weaknesses should be looked at and focused on as these need to be dealt with more so than strengths to help get your muscles and body in equilibrium. Focus on weaknesses and avoid focusing on strengths. Check out  this really cool Strength and Fitness Site for more advice.

Mistake 3: Eat dirty, train clean

Well it pretty much sums up what the third biggest mistake is: DIET! If you eat rubbish you can expect rubbish results, it’s that simple. No matter what your goal is, whether it’s weight loss, endurance training, muscle gain or for health, diet is one of the major components to getting results. If you think of your body is a machine and you give it dirty fuel and oil, how do you expect it to perform.

It’s important you watch the types of food you eat and avoid all bad fats (saturated & trans fatty acid) and simple carbohydrates.  Except post workout when simple sugars are good to have.  Make sure you eat foods that are high in protein, good fats (e.g. mono-unsaturated fats, fish/flax seed oils, olive oil) and complex carbs. Eat clean, train dirty!


In addition, count those calories. If you are trying to cut (get rid of body fat):

  • Make sure you are consuming 500 calories less than you burn during the day.

If you are trying to bulk (put on muscle):

  •   Make sure you are consuming 500 calories more than you burn during the day.

So make sure you tighten up on your training and feel free to ask us for advice if you need it.

Happy training!

This post was written by Dane of Fitness Fan