Treadmill Mistakes – Are You Sabotaging Your Workout?


The treadmill looks so simple and so easy to deal with, yet you may be making certain mistakes that prevent you from reaching the desired outcome. You need to identify these mistakes and make your exercise an effective, totally beneficial one.

The Frequent Treadmill Workout Mistakes

A treadmill may seem very safe at first, but it’s isn’t so. If you’re not using this piece of equipment correctly, you are risking injury.

First of all, be aware of the time you spend on this device. Many people simply hold on to it because it doesn’t demand as much effort as other equipment. They only have to walk, jog or run on it. Now think about, if you haven’t been doing this properly yet you insisted on spending a long time on it, you must have induced some damage to your body. Also, prolonged exercise has the potential to modify your natural step and stride.

Bad posture is another major issue that can lead to injury. You can harm your spine, cause misalignment, put too much pressure on certain bones, ligaments or muscle groups. This accumulates with time and can be an ordeal to recover from. At some point you may start feeling pain because of altered body mechanics.

Sometimes, the problem comes from your equipment – from wearing the wrong shoes, that have too thick soles, are rigid or don’t have adequate cushioning inside. Other times, it is about the size of your stride.

Another frequent mistake is committing to only one type of workout. Even though the treadmill seems so simple, there are still ways to diversify what you’re doing. Unless you make regular changes, you can experience strains or excessive stress in some bodily areas. Additionally, you may notice that you’re no longer burning fat efficiently.

Ways to Correct the Mistakes

Remember to have a correct posture. Align your body and keep your back straight without forcing it. Pay attention to your shoulders – not too rigid and not too slouchy. Look ahead instead of gazing at your feet, which forces your vertebrae into an unnatural position for running and misaligns your hips. Another bad posture is when you don’t ‘open’ your chest but let it cave in, bringing your shoulders forward and trying to keep it all close together.

The incline of the treadmill should be set at 2 or 3 degrees to mimic the natural uphill conditions and can be adjusted according to how you feel about it.

Treadmill - Fitness FanWhen you run, try to not land on your heels. Don’t adopt any other style than the natural one, even though you ‘know’ you run on a running machine and it’s not the real deal.

Considering the shoes to wear, you need to look for a pair with adequate padding or buy yourself some good insoles for sports activities. You will find these in every big shoes store and on the web as well.

Last but not least, routine is a dangerous thing. You can diversify your workout by alternating paces, by changing the incline or by going outside every now and then, when the weather allows it…..Read more