Recommended Types of Fish for Fast Muscle Gain

Benefits of Fish

Fish is a very reliable source of protein. Well, it’s one of best diet options you can consider if you want to gain muscle fast. Yes, you will obviously need to go to the gym as well to achieve results faster. Working out in the gym, however, is not effective when you are not eating healthy foods. Moreover, indiscriminately chugging down protein shakes won’t work miracles. Indeed, the type of fish you consume will determine how fast you gain muscle. The following are some of the types of fish recommended for muscle gain.


Rich in polyunsaturated fats, tuna is one of the best fish types for bodybuilders. Consumption of this type of fish helps in enhancing the natural production of growth hormones and testosterone. A 100g of tuna comprises 24g of proteins, 9g of fats, and 3g of carbohydrates. The percentage of the essential constituents is obviously balanced. The body actively produces anabolic hormones during sleep. The best time, therefore, to relish eating this type of fish is a few hours before sleeping.

Lobster - Fitness Diet & Muscle Gain

Low in fat and high in protein, lobster is a great source of nutrients for you. Compared to steak, lobster has less fat. Also, it has a lower percentage constituent when compared with steak. This is the perfect meal option for anyone who prefers low carbohydrate diets. With perfect amounts of calcium and magnesium per serving, and checked levels of iron, zinc, copper, manganese, and selenium. Lobsters offer consumers the chance to enhance their muscles fast. Lobster is also gluten free.


Also known as offshore hake, this type of fish resembles the cod. Although they are similar to the cod family, a haddock has black lateral line, pectoral fins, and visible spots on either side of their bodies. Haddocks are mainly found in the depths of the ocean. Calcium, potassium, carbohydrates, proteins, magnesium, and omega fatty acids, are some of the essential nutrients present in haddocks. These constituents, obviously well balanced, are very crucial sources of energy for consumers. If you are going to work out in a gym, then consider eating a haddock meal a few hours before. The protein contained in this fish helps in enhancing metabolism. This helps the body to burn fats faster; consequently, healthy muscles are built.


Mullets, a family of ray-finned fish, are mainly found in tropical waters. Mullets are distinguished by their miniature triangular mouths, separate dorsal fins, and no lateral line organ. The health benefits of mullets are immense. They are rich in omega fatty acids. You have probably read in a diet blog about how low in fat content the mullet is. Furthermore, this healthy seafood has very low levels of cholesterol. For a bodybuilder, any food type that is high in omega fatty acids and low in cholesterol is an excellent diet choice. Remember, you need a lot of energy and motivation while working out in the gym. Consider consuming this seafood twice a week.


Trout is a fresh water fish which has numerous health benefits. Trout has a recommendable amount of protein. Remember, protein is one of the essential nutrients needed for muscle growth. Moreover, consumption of trout ensures that the body’s immune system is working properly.


This fish belongs to the Scombridae family, and is very famous for its health benefits. It is a deep water fish normally found on the Atlantic, Pacific, and Mediterranean oceans. Regular consumption of mackerel is very good for the overall body health. Some of the benefits of its consumption include cleansed blood, strong bones, and tissue repair. It is a good source of omega fatty acids. Also, it plays an essential role in your muscle gain.

You should know, however, that fish must be taken in moderation. That is, you should not dwell on fish diet only. Have your diet well balanced for faster muscle gain.

This article has been written by Fitness Fan