Under Armour Compression Shirt Review

Under Armour Compression Shirt Fitness Fan

Under Armour Compression Shirt review

The Under Armour (Alter Ego) Compression is a short sleeve top for those looking to show off the result of their hard worked hours in the gym. The review sample we had was Spiderman but they have Batman, Superman, Captain America & even getting in on the World Cup a few Superman special designs. For those of us though that dont have the bravado to show off our alter egos they also do a variety of compression shirts in more conservative designs & colours.Under Armour Compression Shirt Fitness Fan

So what does a compression shirt do?  Firstly, it’s tight – ultra tight, it’s designed to fit like a second skin which supports your muscles & increases recovery time. It’s made from a polyester & elastane mix. It’s basically stretchy (in every direction) while being incredible comfortable to wear. You would think having something so tight on while working out would make you over heat & sweat too much but this isn’t the case as the fabric has uses their HeatGear technology which wicks sweat away from the body.

Anti-odor technology prevents the growth of odor causing microbes (so you wont stink after wearing it a few times) & if you train outdoors (when were luckily enough to have the weather) it also provides UPF 30+ sun protection.

I do really love this top I think my favourite though would be the Captain America (I really like the shield star emblem) although being Spiderman is pretty cool too!

I personally have a little way to go before I can show off a ripped torso under one of these super hero tops but if you do have the confidence & the body then wearing one of these in the gym will certainly get heads turning & be a talking point. And believe me it was a talking point when one of the Fitness Fan team members wore while training, a lot of people were asking where they had got the top from!

Construction quality is excellent, no chaffing with clever seam & stitching used so not cause any irritation, as compression tops & baser layers go, these stand out & are fun while doing the job very well.

Available from Under Armour RRP £42

This post was written by Adam of Fitness Fan @brighton_rock