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Product Review

I have seen an increasing amount of runners wearing the compression socks during my regular runs and I have always been intrigued by them and wondered how much difference, if any, they would make to my running/ recovery. The people I have seen wearing them look very experienced, so I wasn’t sure if I was considered a ‘serious enough’ runner to get the benefits. However, I was excited to try the new compression socks for myself and went into this trial with an open mind.

Currently, I am in the middle of training for my next marathon which is taking place in April. Over winter I have been increasing the miles on weekends and completing 3 extra runs during the week. As expected I have been getting sore legs as the frequency and distance increase so trialling these socks has come at the right time for me.

VR1 Socks - Fitness FanThe socks themselves come in a variety of colours (I chose black) and you need to submit 3 measurements of your legs to make sure you get the right size socks. A very easy to follow diagram is available on the website.

Once I had received the socks, putting them on was easy and I could feel the gentle pressure of the socks from the beginning – nothing uncomfortable by any means. The socks also provide an additional layer for the outside runs in the cold – which is certainly appreciated.

As I started my run I felt no difference then if I was wearing my usual training gear, although this is a good thing as I was worried the VR1 socks may feel too tight, or slip down as I was running. They stayed up and in place for the whole run, which I was impressed with.

Recently, as I hit the halfway mark of my run my legs would be feeling tight – but on this run I was lucky that I felt no aches or tightness in my muscles and this allowed me to pick up my pace slightly as I hit the final leg.

VRd Socks - Fitness Fan

When I reached the end point of my run, I always walk the last section home to allow a warm down before I do my final stretches. I felt a lot of support by having the socks on and was reluctant to take them off once I had finished my warm down and stretch.

The next day was an important point for me, as this is when I normally find my legs are the most prone to aching – especially first thing in the morning as I get up out of bed. I was really eager to see how I would pull up the following day.

When I first got up I wasn’t entirely ‘ache-free’ but my legs were definitely better and I was up and about much quicker. There was little, if any stiffness and I was out the door to work. I am looking forward to wearing the compression socks for my next long run this weekend to see if the benefits continue.

Overall, I was impressed with the compression socks and look forward to having them as part of my training gear for the remaining marathon training.