What Is MCT Oil?


MCT oil is a product comprised of medium-chain t. Triglycerides are oils also known as fatty acids, and occur in chains of short, medium and length. There are four different chains of MCT acids: C6-caproic acid, C8-caprylic acid, C10-capric acid, and C12-lauric acid. The word “capra” means “goat”, and the three acids C6, C8 and C10 are most abundantly found in goats’ milk. The fourth, lauric acid, is almost nonexistent in MCT oils, but it is a large component of coconut oil.

HEALTH BENEFITSAccording to the website Health Impact News, MCT oils are praised internationally for their antimicrobial properties. Studies have shown that the western diet is lacking in medium-chain fatty acids, which are more easily digested than long-chain, also known as omega 3 acids. MCT oils are burned as fuel for the body instead of being stored as fat, which helps to speed up metabolism; they also have the ability to combat parasites and bacteria in the digestive system, and are thought to be powerful antioxidants.


One of the main differences between MCT oils and coconut oil is the fact that coconut oil contains approximately 50 percent lauric acid compared to MCT oils which have virtually none.

There has been a great deal of publicity about the benefits of lauric acid and coconut oil, making it one of the top-selling food supplements in the world. Many companies have therefore begun manufacturing lauric acid as a product by itself, separating the capra MCTs from lauric acid. This process is called fractionation, and results in two different products: lauric acid and MCT. On an individual basis, capra MCT oils are considered to be more effective for increasing energy levels and metabolism, as well as lowering cholesterol, while lauric acid is preferable for its antimicrobial qualities. Coconut oil has more saturated fat than do MCTs; therefore it solidifies when refrigerated, while MCTs stay liquid.WHICH IS BETTER?

There has been much debate in the health and nutrition community as to whether one product is superior to the other. The general consensus seems to be that it depends on what the expectations are. Coconut oil is the obvious choice if it’s the antioxidants you’re after. However, MCTs are the way to go if you’re looking for increased metabolism as well as quick energy.

This post was written by Dane