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Anyone who has picked up a lifestyle magazine in the last decade is familiar with low carb diets.  Whatever your opinion in my personal experience, keeping my carb consumption in check is frequently the only way I’m able to lose that last bit of fat around the middle.

If you are like me, below are a couple products that can be easily substituted into your diet to lower your daily carb intake.

OOMF Skinny Porridge Oats.

Oats are one of my favourite things to eat in the morning and my general philosophy has always been if you’re going to eat carbs, mornings are the best time.  The key benefits I find with this product are taste, ease of preparation and portion control.  OOMF sells these pre-packaged oats in individual, disposable paper pots which only require a small amount of boiling water and a thirty second wait time before you can be digging in.  They taste really nice – are surprisingly filling – and will take you a lot further energy-wise than their relatively low 33g of carbohydrate per pot suggest.

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CarbZone Tortilla

Bread is always the weak point for me.  I love it and struggle to cut it out.  Luckily there are some great low carb breads out there.  However, that’s not the only option.  Those clever Swedes at CarbZone have come up with a low carb tortilla that doesn’t taste like play-doh.  As a genuine Texan I approve of their burrito wrapping ability.  Equally as important, with only 4g of carb per tortilla they also fit into my diet.  A little tip though: as with any packaged tortilla, warming them a bit (either in a pan or microwave) will make them taste better.

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