How Many Calories In A Banana

Calories in a banana

Many people wonder how many calories are in a banana, and if they can still eat them if they want to lose weight and keep fit?

There are 89 calories in the average banana! And yes you can. We have also found some benefits of bananas and why you should have them in your diet.

They are packed full of antioxidants 

Bananas are full of antioxidants that make you feel good and are great for general health and wellbeing. What they are particularly good at is protecting the heart. The Caring.Com website has a wonderful article all about the positive mental health benefits of eating bananas, that can be found here.

Can help to lose weight 

Bananas contain almost no fat as they are mostly made up of carbohydrates and water. With regards to the calorie count, only 100 calories are in a banana, making it the perfect healthy snack for when you want to lose weight.

Great source of fibre 

Bananas are a wonderful food for helping to keep your digestive tract healthily. They can help if you have recently suffered from diarrhoea, as they can help to create a more solid stool, and they can help with the movements of stool through the large colon. The Natural News website has an interesting article about the digestive benefits of eating bananas that can be found here.

Reduces appetite

Eating bananas can also help to suppress the appetite. This in turn can help you when trying to get fit and lose weight.

Fantastic source of potassium

Bananas are incredibly rich in minerals and easy to digest.
This is what makes them the perfect snack to have while you exercise. They give you much needed fuel and can even help to stop those painful muscle cramps.

On a final note bananas are cheap and readily available to eat when you need a healthy snack. They really are one of the most healthiest foods to carry with you when trying to lose a few extra pounds and to lead a healthy lifestyle.

This post was written by Dane