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Pod-Damn that was a good workout!!!

It’s happened to all of us. You’re pumping out your sets to a great track and then the gym’s in-house sound system plays a song that takes the wind out of your sails. It’s even worse when your own smartphone or iPod betrays your intensity by offering you a lovely ballad.

Listening to the right kind of music during a workout offers numerous benefits: it focusses you on the task at hand, raises your intensity level and also keeps you from being distracted by the other noise on the gym floor. That said, not all music offers the same advantages. According to Costas Karageorghis, PhD and sports psychology expert at Brunel University in London, optimal workout music should be between 120 and 140 beats per minute.

Rather than wasting time trying to identify tracks in your library, we’ve put together a list of our favorite music podcasts that make the cut. Even better, we’ve chosen podcasts that are commercial-free and last around 60 minutes – ideal for most fitness fans! In addition, all of these workout podcasts are regularly updated – you’ll love the thrill of a new episode and the positive effect it has on your workouts!

Most of these are available on both iOS and Android platforms. Listen and let us know what you think!

In no particular order:

  • DJ GSP – This Greek God plays tech and progressive house, as well as tribal percussions and plenty of vocals.
  • Corey Craig – New York City’s Corey Craig brings the beats in his podcasts that blend beautiful vocal, progressive disco, funky and tech house.
  • Lee Harris – Based in London, Lee Harris provides an energising mixture of chunky baselines, big beats and uplifting house.
  • Joe Gauthreaux – Another New York City resident, Joe Gauthreaux takes you on a musical journey of beautiful, high-energy house.
  • Orange Nation – One of London’s premier club promotion companies offers amazing mixes from the likes of Tony English, Zach Burns, Chris Brogan and Yvette Lindquist to name a few.
  • DJ Grind – One of San Francisco’s best, DJ Grind spins up uplifting house to inspire your workouts.
  • Dan Slater –  Dan’s love of music eventually lured him onto the decks – and this new chapter has gained him the attention of promoters and clubbers around the world.