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Guest Post

Gaining a qualification in training pregnant women or those that have recently given birth is rapidly becoming a growing strategy for many personal trainers. Taking care of existing clients who have become pregnant or gaining new clients who are looking for a specialist instructor is a great way of expanding your client base.

The facts

  • Over 12% of the British population now have some sort of gym membership – a percentage that continues to increase
  • There are 700,000 registered births each year, over 100,000 more than in 2001
  • Research shows that the healthier the mother, the healthier the baby

As a result, there is a rising need for insight from PTs with pre and post-natal personal trainer qualifications – a potential gap in the market for you.

The qualification

Health and Fitness Education have a unique course dedicated to pre and post natal training – designed to teach you the skills to help women adapt their fitness regime for safe exercise during and after pregnancy.

  • Exercises for your clients to avoid, such as any involving lying on their back after 16 weeks to prevent the bump weighing heavily on blood vessels and causing faintness
  • Safe exercises that will build strength and improve women’s health
  • Adapted exercises for the anatomical changes during pregnancy
  • Nutrition considerations for clients at each stage of the pregnancy and following the birth
  • Reparative exercises that help re-adjust a mother’s body after the birth – working on stretched muscles to tone their body back up and build strength

On top of this specialist knowledge, you receive a qualification worth 20 CPD points with the register of Exercise Professionals and can put that towards the wider Level 3 Special Populations Diploma.

 The future

A good pre and post natal fitness instructor will be a new mum’s most trusted ally in helping to get her confidence back, and so she will tell all her friends after you get her back in shape – potentially increasing your client base even further.

So it’s a win, win situation – pre and post natal training is a supportive, more cautious pace of training, but it is hugely rewarding and could gain you many loyal clients in the future.